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Beth and I want to invite you to join us for the trip of a lifetime – a pilgrimage to the land of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Y’shua – the land of Israel. Taking this tour brings you face to face with the history recorded in the Bible and allows you to see it, touch it and experience it. Perhaps even more importantly, this trip will connect you to an integral part of your spiritual heritage – the very land deeded to Abraham and to his seed (Gen. 12:7). According to Paul, those in Messiah are the “seed of Abraham and heirs according to the promise” (Gal. 3:29) and, as you know, one of those promises was the land of Israel. So Beth and I are convinced that when your feet touch the soil of this “promised land,” you are going to feel what so many have expressed when first going to the land – “I’m home!” Just read what these folks had to say about our last trip.

We were privileged to be able to travel “home” to Israel with Bill and Beth in Dec 2011. With special emphasis and precise attention to each site we visited, they provided biblical teachings and history of that site! They provided us with the best tour guide that Israel offers, not only being gifted with the knowledge of the history of Israel, but also using the Bible as his guide to all of our steps. All of the hotels we stayed in were top quality with outstanding food and amenities. We were not in need of anything! The trip was a dream came true for us and what made the dream special was being able to go with Bill and Beth! The words of the Bible will come to life as you walk through the loving itinerary Bill and Beth has for you in your trip to Israel! You will never be the same again so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!
Terry and Sondra Beam, Fulton MS


My husband and I were on Bill and Beth’s 2011 Israel trip. It was our first trip to Israel and exceeded anything I had hoped it would be. We learned a lot of history from the tour guide and as usual, Bill’s bible teaching was eye-opening. The schedule was packed full and we saw places many tours don’t see. My favorite was the jeep ride on the Golan but I loved every minute of the tour. I can’t wait to go again! Anyone who wants to experience Israel as “home” should go with the Clouds. You will come home with a greater love for the Father, the Bible and Israel! – Brenda Brunson, Artesia NM


I took my first trip to Israel in Dec. 2011 with Bill Cloud and I am patiently waiting for October so I can go back. Not only did GOD give me a love for His Promised Land and the people but, he also allowed me to go with such an anointed teacher as Bill Cloud. I went with a close friend who was making her seventh trip and another who was on her fourth trip to Israel. It was their first trip with Bill and they both said, by far, it was the absolute best one even though they had gone with some very well known speakers/teachers in very large groups. I felt as if I was home in Israel. I never once felt uncomfortable or scared in the land. One main thing I feel that made the trip so great was Bill and his family were so personal; we all were on the same bus and everyone got to know each others’ names. The knowledge of the Bible, Hebrew and the land that Bill and our tour guide Gideon had was amazing. I used to think about where to go on vacation every year; now the only place I want to go is Israel. The hotel accommodations were very nice, food was great, tour bus very comfortable and even had wifi on the bus – I was impressed. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. I would like to encourage anyone that is thinking about going to go – you will come back changed as a believer. – Robin Cribb, Arkansas


Wow! Awesome and amazing are just a few of the adjectives that were constantly on our lips while we were with the Clouds in Israel!! It was our first trip over and it could not have gone any better!! Thank you, Bill and Beth, for the teachings, kindness, and organization that was demonstrated throughout the entire time. We felt such SHALOM no matter where we were in the land. We are truly grateful to Adonai and to you two for such a wonderful experience!!! We look forward to our next trip!! Shalom and Blessings. – Mark & Tammy McLendon, Lucedale MS


If you click the links below, you will find a brochure and a registration form. If you are planning to join us, we ask that you return the completed registration form and the per-person deposit to Journeys “R” Us, Inc. as soon as possible. This will confirm your reservation and reserve your spot for the tour. Please make your checks payable to Journeys “R” Us, Inc. You will need to apply for your passport immediately, if you have not already done so. If your current passport is within 6 months of its expiration, you will need to renew it before the trip. You do not need to wait until you have your passport to remit your deposit; passport information can be forwarded when you receive it. Even if your plans are tentative, we recommend that you go ahead and apply for your passport – it is good for ten years. If you are a citizen of the US, no other documents are necessary. No shots are necessary. If you will be in need of domestic flights and would like Journeys “R” Us to arrange this for you, please contact them. Many times they are able to secure this at a discounted price.


In regards to security, I have been to Israel multiple times over the last 20 years and have NEVER had an issue. The Biblical sites are generally away from contested areas and our guide, drivers and people on the ground keep us informed and safe. My experience has been, and that of many others who have traveled to Israel, that one feels safer there than in many parts of the US. If you have any other questions or concerns, please call Ron or Alyanna Humphries at Journeys “R” Us. You can reach them at  (813) 299-6875  or  (813) 299-6874
Bill & Beth

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